Repair Roof Leaks Sooner than Later

Having a leaking roof is a serious problem that needs to be be inspected by a trained roofing contractor. Temporary DIY fixes rarely do justice to your roof, and while they may temporarily hide the symptoms of the roof leak, they don’t eliminate the need for a legitimate and permanent roof repair.

Television sitcoms make roof leaks look like an adventure. The characters rush around putting pots and pans under the various leaks until the drips create an almost pleasing melody amidst the often comedic chaos. Unfortunately there is nothing amusing about a roof leak in real life. If left undetected, it can damage the inside of your home and ruin your personal belongings.

Once you spot a roof leak, the first thing to do is call a repairman. Figuring out the location of the roof leak might sound easy, but this type of damage is unbelievably deceptive. There could be a significant amount of distance between the entry point for the leaking water and the spot inside your home where the water surfaces in the form of water spots on the ceiling.

The Hazards of Water Damage Inside Your Home or Business

Repairing a roof leak should be done sooner than later. Allowing excess moisture to continue to linger in or around your home invites bigger issues like mold. Some of the other problems with allowing moisture to linger in and around your house include but are not limited to the following:

  • water pooling in the ceiling which could cause the drywall to cave into the room
  • mold and mildew which could cause respiratory infections or trigger allergies
  • discoloration on walls, warping hardwood floors, and ruining carpeting
  • damage to furniture, electronics, clothing, and other personal items


If the damage gets too bad before you notice it, then you may have to evacuate your home or business. If your homeowner’s insurance does not cover this type of water damage, then you could find yourself paying for things like hotel stays or off site storage. Being prepared can help you prevent this, and the first step in preparing for roof emergencies is a roof inspection.

Why You Should Leave Leak Detection to a Professional

If your roof is pitched, remember that water runs downhill so the leak must be somewhere higher than the spot where the water is pouring into your home. Whether an exposed area, like a nail hole in a spot with missing shingles, or some kind of gap in layers of old shingles in need of replacement, the last thing you want to do is get on the roof and find the leak yourself.

A professional not only knows how to spot leaks, but also how to traverse dicey surfaces, such as a pitched roof. This lessens the risk that a well-meaning attempt to find a leak will result in a call to the fire department or other emergency services or a trip to the emergency room at your local hospital. No roof leak is worth that kind of risk, which is why having an expert do the work is a great investment.