Common Roof Problems in Dallas-Fort Worth

As a respected and long standing McKinney roofing company we see almost every roofing issue you can imagine. Living in McKinney ourselves we know as well as you do how the crazy North Texas weather can wreak havoc on a roof – but we’re here to help.

If you live in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, then you are no stranger to roof problems. You or a neighbor might have experienced a roof leak after a period of heavy rains, or found your lawn littered with shingles after a storm that produced gale force winds.

While some roof problems in Northern Texas are visible to the naked eye, other issues need the help of a trained professional who has the experience to spot things that require expert care. Here are five common roof problems in Dallas-Fort Worth and how to prevent the problem from recurring.

Storms that cause trees to come crashing down can wreak havoc on the structure of your home. Tree limbs and branches can poke holes in your roof and its sheathing, leading to leaks or perhaps an entire roof collapse. An expert may fix the affected areas or replace your entire roof, depending on the amount of damage.

High winds are notorious for blowing shingles off a finished roof. If enough shingles blow off, the roofing felt and sheathing can follow, leaving your roof exposed and at risk for water damage. The solution is to have new roof materials installed to help protect your home against future storms.

Unless a tree limb comes crashing through the roof of your family’s home, a leak can be tricky to find, even for expert roof repair professionals. Roof leaks can lead to water damage in your attic or any other rooms in your home. An experienced roofing person can start at the frequent trouble areas, like chimneys and vents, and keep working until they find the leak, then repair it.

Gutters and downspouts manage water, snow, and ice that runs off your roof into your yard. Damage covers a wide range from a small dent to whole sections that are detached, crushed, or bent. This could cause water to run alongside your house and flood your basement. A roofing professional can inspect gutters, cleaning and repairing as needed.

The four problems above are merely the most common. Other forms of roof damage include skylights cracked by hail or tree branches, improperly screened roof vents that allow pesky wildlife into your attic, rotten roof sheathing or rafters which cause the roof itself to weaken and possibly collapse, and too many layers of new roofing materials built on top of the old ones.

A roof inspection can help you spot the damage and arrange to have it repaired before the situation grows to out of control proportions. An experienced roofing company can help you find the most efficient solution for your time and money.